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Mini Twister
Create your oun yarn by yourself!!

This machine enables the user to display originality. You can create your own patterns and textures by combining color and materials. You can prepare linking yarn by twisting sweater yarn. You can easily choose from loose twisting to tight twisting (100-600t/m).
AMT-2 diameter.gif75-2spnAMT-2W diameter.gif75-2spnAMT-2L diameter.gif100-1spn
This machine is very convenient to produce the sewing thread of Linking machine, create your original yarn etc.You can create fancy yarn from dual speed yarn supply system.AMT-2L is improved for large size yarn and for twist over 6 yarn.
Twisting DirectionS / Z changeable
Twist Number100 - 600 T/m
Spindle Speed5000rpm/60Hz
Power100V/25W x 3
Mini Twister AMT-2

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